The Pregnancy Test Results

The Pregnancy Test Resultsfeatured

I told you a few weeks ago I was itching to do a pregnancy test!

It really was a tough few weeks. Mostly because I was running my sugars so low that I wasn’t feeling them until I was in the low 3s (54 mg/dl).

What I realized as I waited and waited… for what felt like months… is that there tends to be a lot of attention on the difficulty of pregnancy with type one diabetes, and rightfully so.

But there’s a real shortage of discussion about the anxieties, challenges and exhaustion of pregnancy planning with diabetes.

1 month old baby in utero

A 1 month old baby in utero… just about the time a women finds out she’s pregnant.

Those first 4 weeks of a pregnancy are vital to a baby’s development. And for that very reason PWDs have extra fears to carry with them.

Within just 4 short weeks of pregnancy the early stages of the digestive system, lungs, liver, heart, eyes and the nervous system… to name only a few… are beginning to form.

Knowing that makes me feel like I’m carrying a camel on my back… even before knowing whether there is a bambino present or not.

The Results

Dollarama Pregnancy Test

You really can’t beat $1.25, the cheapest I’ve found :) And they have fairly good reviews.

Sadly, about 5 pregnancy tests came back negative.

And there not cheap to buy!

I know for next month that pregnancy tests can be purchased at dollar stores. They sell for $1.25 and even have a label saying they’re approved by Health Canada.

Now What

Frozen Yogurt

My diabetes vacation hasn’t include a trip anywhere… unless you count my extra trips to the local frozen yogurt shop :)

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks taking a diabetes vacation.

I’ve gone from testing my sugars 10-12 times daily to maybe 5 or 6. No more overnight checks… I’m sleeping like a baby.

Thankfully, I’m recognizing hypoglycemia around 4.3 mmol/l (77 mg/dl), which has been my main goal, since we hope to try again this month.

But wow, this is hard… a shout out to all you ladies with type one experiencing infertility… this is a double cross to bear.

I felt a little numb for a few days but then I realized that only 30% of couples get pregnant after one month… so Golden Top is an extra blessing!

80% get pregnant after 6 months… in fact, it’s not until after 1 year that most doctors recommend seeking medical help.

I’ve also stopped breastfeeding, I was feeding Golden Top once daily in the evening but have read that some mom’s still have difficulty conceiving with even the smallest amount of breastfeeding.

So rather than surrendering to fear, I’m going to hope for the best and keep moving forward.

Can you relate to the challenges of balancing hypoglycemia in the early stages of pregnancy… even before you know you’re pregnant? I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line and tell me your experience.







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