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A few days ago I wrote about the “beefs” I have when told by doctors I should wait to get pregnant.

I’m happy to tell you though that my doctor has given my husband and I the “go ahead” to try and conceive.

I’ve been so excited the last two weeks that I’m itching to start doing pregnancy tests:)

But the thing I keep reminding myself of is:

“Slow down and enjoy these potentially last few days! Have some high and unpredictable carbs, just because I can”…  So I have :)

Dried Mango

Note the equal portion of sugar dusting to fruit :)

I went to Costco a few days ago and bought one of my new indulgences… dried and sugared mango.

This stuff is practically impossible to carb count. Every piece varies in size drastically, more importantly whose counting?

Please don’t get me wrong… preconception blood sugars are extremely important for developing a healthy baby and I’m very committed to that outcome.

My version of living on the edge is going overboard with dried mango and then testing every 30 mins for 3 hours or so…may sound tiring but I get cravings sometimes and binge.

This is how I binge when I’m in pregnancy planning mode.

God willing, when we become pregnant, I will avoid binges like this from the day I calculate implantation to have taken place. My last A1C was 6.9%, so I’m doing okay.

I want to confess a few things I’m not good at but which I will choose to start doing, hopefully, soon:

  • Writing my sugars down: With baby #1, nine months straight was the longest I’ve ever done this…see my post to come on “diabetes vacations”… let’s just say I’ve been on some very long diabetes vacations.
  • Changing my pump site regularly: See my future post on the importance of this for good blood sugar readings
  • Carb counting precisely: I eye ball and estimate all the time when I’m not pregnant. Soon the scale will come out for unpredictable foods like pasta. Why must the serving size of many foods be by weight… are you kidding me? Do companies really think we carry portable scales around? Get real!
Cafe latte

If I look at this image any longer I will be drinking one in 5, 4, 3… okay done!

Oh, I’ve also given caffeine up, something I did last time… so I’m enjoying my withdrawal headache today.

Now I’m sitting here drinking a hot chocolate, half-sweet, and wondering what life would be like without diabetes and being pregnant?

I can think of one benefit of having diabetes when pregnant:

Having a good reason not to binge.

Nope, one more: telling your child how hard you worked to keep them healthy… yeah that makes it all worthwhile.

What did you do or are you doing to plan for a pregnancy with type one diabetes? I’d love to hear your tips!

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