Forced Eating is No Fun

Forced Eating is No Funfeatured

On the weekend my husband arrived home with some donuts, a rare occasion and treat around here.

Since it was the morning – and since the morning hates me (I get such bad insulin resistance) – I decided I’d wait until lunch to indulge. But I REALLY felt like one at first glance. I chose to wait.

An hour and a bit later I found myself having a bad low… so I indulged in donuts at last.

So that may sound like a happy ending, I had the donut I wanted after all! I should be grateful for the low right?

I used to joke with clients and say:

“There aren’t any other diseases that require you as a treatment to eat sugar… pretty sweet deal!”

Let’s get real for a minute though… this sucks! At least most of the time!

The problem is this:

When I want to eat I shouldn’t and when I don’t want to eat I have to.

You see, when I had my low and donut indulgence on the weekend, I just finished my breakfast not long before and wasn’t feeling interested in the donuts.

The low of course changed things quickly, as a ravenous hunger took over for 10 minutes, and then I felt kinda nasty after.

This happens a lot to me! And it’s really frustrating.  

I’m trying so hard in my pregnancy planning to do everything right, but I just can’t win some days.

My main concern with hypoglycemia induced eating is that I eat more than I would if I didn’t have diabetes and get frustrated with the extra post-pregnancy pounds I’ve not been able to shed.

I have a plan though… I’m going grocery shopping and will stock up on pre-packed sugar choices.

Rockets, Fizzers, and Smarties

Smarties (USA), Fizzers (South Africa), Rockets (Canada)
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This way when I have a low I will commit to grabbing, say, a juice box with exactly 15 carbs or a couple of candy “Rockets” – aka Smarties for my friends in the US.

By the way, these candies make a great hypo treatment since it’s made of dextrose and much more economical than commercial products similar to this.

Dextrose sugar is absorbed very quickly into our bloodstream and may raise your sugar faster and reduce the length of your nasty hypo symptoms.

That’s why I always carry an emergency supply of Dex4 products in my car.

I personally like the gel. As nasty as it tastes, it’s quick and, since it’s a gel, no chewing. Ju-jubes last a week (my husband eats them of course… *wink wink*!)

Do you feel frustrated with unexpected hypoglycemia eating too? How do you deal? Let me know in the comments section below!

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