About Melissa Shannon

Melissa Shannon Hi there,

I’m so glad you’re here!

My name is Melissa. At age 15, I was diagnosed with type one diabetes, a disease I knew practically nothing about.

My only knowledge of diabetes was my mom scaring my 3 siblings and I out of devouring too much licorice. She’d say, “Stop eating that licorice you’ll get diabetes”. 

In 15 years I’ve learned a lot about diabetes. You could call it a bit of an obsession. My saying is, “I eat, sleep, live and work diabetes”. That might be because I’m also a diabetes nurse educator.  :)

I care so much about people with diabetes! But the funny thing is that I spent most of my teenage and young adult years… and then a pregnancy knowing almost no one with type one diabetes.

And frankly… that really sucked!

Finally we can share our witty comebacks when someone tells us we can’t have ice cream… because it’s not good for “diabetics”!

My hope is to create a community of women with type one diabetes who are facing the challenges and triumphs of living with this disease. 

I have a special interest in type one diabetes and pregnancy because I want to help women feel less isolated by sharing my journey through pregnancy. I want to hear about yours too!

I live in Toronto, Canada with my loving husband and sweet boys: 2 years and 6 months! We are hoping to have more children, too, so hopefully you can follow our next pregnancy. :)

I hope we can laugh, vent and share our lives together.

To living life to the fullest with type one diabetes,

Melissa Shannon

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